In recent years there has been a growing understanding of the impact that taking part in the arts can have on health and wellbeing.  When used as a supplement to medicine and care, the arts have been proven to improve the health of people experiencing mental or physical health problems.  Engaging in the arts can promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing. The arts have proven helpful in improving health care environments and staff retention in health care centres.

Visual arts can offer a powerful way to explore experiences, inspire dialogue on key issues, and facilitate connections while bridging differences. Engaging in the arts has been statistically proven to assist individuals dealing with stress, illness, trauma, addiction, and other concerns. Visual arts help people express thoughts and emotions that can be difficult to put into words, help lower stress and anxiety, inspire feelings of calm and happiness, and give a sense of pleasure and accomplishment. Many studies have also been published supporting the use of performance arts in therapies. Research has shown that performance arts, such as theatre and dance and music, can reduce illness related to stress and anxiety, relieve pain, provide a means of self-expression and communication, improve self esteem and social skills, lower symptoms of trauma, enhance treatment for addiction, and boost mental skills and mood. Moreover, engaging in the arts has been proven to help reduce delinquency in youth and improve an individuals’ sense of belonging and attachment to a community.

In 2016 several individuals from Arborg saw the need for an arts and wellness centre in the area and The Creative Cocoon was founded. In the fall of 2016 the Arborg Arts Committee was formed to advise the board.

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