The Creative Cocoon is a home for diverse arts programing and education. We strive to collaborate with artists, organizations, and schools to encourage the creation, appreciation, and understanding of the arts.  We strive to create a gathering place where the community can participate in and celebrate creativity in personal and shared experiences of the arts.  To be an educational facility, serving all ages from pre-school through seniors.  To be an exhibit space for visual artists from Arborg and throughout Manitoba and beyond.  To be a multi-disciplinary centre offering functional arts and wellbeing space for the community and surrounding area.

Our Values

Love and Compassion:
The Creative Cocoon will strive to operate with love and compassion in all its interactions. To be accepting and welcoming of all people. To welcome those around us into love and light. We believe that each of us is worthy of great love and we believe great strength and healing are found in great love. We believe in being kind.

Responsibility and Integrity: It is a responsibility and a privilege to be serving the Arborg community. We will strive to serve, honour, and care for the community of Arborg, both it’s people and it’s land. This includes practices such as recycling and being eco-conscious as well as being a true contributor to the community.

Collaboration and Harmony: We believe that we are all in this together and that we are stronger together than we are on our own. We believe in the importance of caring for, serving, and honouring the land and each other.

Hope and Renewal: We believe in hope. There is a butterfly behind every barrier. We believe everyone has a story and those stories are important. We believe that the world is full of beauty and we will strive to see it in all areas. We believe in dancing to the music.

Vulnerability and Communication: We believe that sensitivity and vulnerability are strengths and not weakness. We believe that what is soft is strong. Like water, we are soft, strong, and graceful. We believe in being open, honest, and clear in our communication.

The Creative Cocoon
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