The Creative Cocoon is advised by Arborg Arts Committee.  This committee consists of Luminaries who help guide and shape The Creative Cocoon.

Luminary: A person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. A leading or guiding light. An inspiration and role model.

Community Pillars Luminaries: Community Pillar Luminaries are special luminaries who attend meetings as they are able but may not be able to attend all meetings due to health or travel in their stage of life.  These are respected members of our community who bring wisdom and guidance as our elders through their experience. They help further our vision through care, guidance, and support of the arts and healing. This is a role of nurturing and educating.

Youth Engagement Luminary: Promotes the arts centre through social media. May be responsible for hanging posters in youth areas such as the drop in or schools.  This luminary helps come up with ideas that are attractive to youth and helps promote events in youth circles.  They may create promotional videos for youth or help host events where youth may attend.

Music Luminary: This luminary has skills and experience in the music field.  They may help to book concerts and musicians for the area, organize music for events and fundraisers, and be the logistical coordinator for musical events/workshops.

Dance Luminary: The dance luminary helps book dance shows and take care of dance related events. They help promote dance in the community.
Art Luminary: This luminary has artistic skills or simply a passion for art. They help book art exhibits, classes and workshops and help organize art nights. They help with art hanging and logistics and provide a creative and artistic eye for events and building.

Theatre Luminary: The theatre luminary helps book theatre performances, workshops and classes and helps promote theatre in the community.

Lifestyle and Wellness Luminary: A lifestyle and wellness luminary might be a nutritionist, nurse, massage therapist, fitness instructor, or other health and wellness practitioner in their everyday life and helps to promote those aspects in the community.  They may help to book workshops, classes or unique experiences relating to healthy lifestyles and wellness.  They may help with organizing or promoting yoga, meditation, mental health, self care, and nutrition.

Author Luminary: An author luminary promotes the arts of writing and reading. They may organize author’s nights, poetry readings, workshops, classes, or book clubs.
Food Luminary: Someone who is passionate about food, especially nutrition. Someone who has an eye for the beauty and art of food.  This luminary may help with arranging food for fundraisers and events.

Media/Promotion Luminary: This luminary is skilled with technology and advertising.  They may help to contact newspapers, radio stations and other media regarding events, programing, and fundraisers. They update and maintain social media accounts and help with website maintenance.

Welcome Luminary: This luminary is someone who makes people feel at home.  Their primary goal is to make sure that our values are felt and maintained at meetings, events, and in the building.  Each person who enters our events should feel special and like they belong.

Financial Luminary: A financial luminary is someone who has financial literacy and may act as treasurer and provide financial guidance.

If you feel that you or someone you know fits one of these categories please contact us! We are currently looking for people in a number of these positions!

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